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Meet Annette Price

 Annette Price is a mother of three, a local business owner, and an educator who has taught at the early childhood, middle school and adult levels. 

       After earning her master’s degree in education from the University of Oklahoma, Annette worked at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, where she developed public communications explaining new statewide education programs and policies. She used her expertise to respond to constituent concerns covering all aspects of public education, from budgets to instruction.


     Currently, she is a public relations and outreach coordinator for OU, working within the National Weather Center. Collaborating with researchers, she coordinates PK-12 education programs, helping teachers expand lessons to include free, evidence-based meteorology curriculum.

     Annette has been a parent in Norman Public Schools for 16 years. She has spent most of that time standing up for families and teachers as a leader in PTA, serving as president at Wilson Elementary and Longfellow Middle School. She also served as a member of the Oklahoma PTA State Board. As president of Norman PTA Council, she helped revive the Norman Chocolate Festival into a community fundraiser benefiting Norman schools.

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