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As a mother, small-business owner, and educator, Annette Price will bring her experience to the Norman school board and fight for every student, teacher, and parent in Norman.

Education designed for all students. Too often, broad district policies disproportionately impact vulnerable students in our schools. Every child should feel safe at school and have the opportunity to learn and grow. We should always be looking toward innovation, equity and resilience.

Access to technology, literature and classroom supplies for hands-on learning. We must keep improving resources for our children, who are entering a competitive workforce. Technology decisions must be responsible and include age-appropriate safety measures. Both classic and modern texts are critical to empower our children to become college and career ready. Most importantly, instructional dollars belong in the classroom. Teachers shouldn’t have to spend money out of their own pockets to provide quality educational experiences for our kids. 

Respect and trust for teachers. Teachers spend years honing their skills, keeping up with changing standards and following new research to serve our children. Teachers must be allowed to do what they do best – teach. We must offer competitive salaries to retain and attract highly effective teachers.

Transparency from district leaders. Administrators should be held accountable on how they spend tax dollars. Likewise, parents should not be left in the dark on matters that affect their children and school communities.

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